2009 Hoops for Hope

Oh, it was electric. Three months before, the game sold out in two hours. The gym seats 1,000. For two hours before the doors opened, there was a line around the building. From 7 to 8:30, when (the game was underway), there wasn't an extra seat in the gym. Of course there were many, many people who couldn't get tickets and ended up watching it on a jumbo screen on the side of a semitrailer out near the football field. The local banks underwrote that.

Benjamin Anderson - Interview with Hospitals and Health Networks

The Game

A roster of players that included WNBA stars, outstanding college athletes, and local high school stand-outs.

The Pre-Game

Before the game began the WEPAC communities gathered for a tailgate party and other events.

Practice Session

The practice session featured all of the players, cheerleading squads and a slam dunk team of four Olympic-level high jumpers, lead by Olympian Nathan Leeper of Protection, KS.

Hoops for Hope Media Coverage

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